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Updated to close Minecraft fully after each frame


The script had to be updated to fully close Minecraft after each frame rendered. This is required since Minecraft does not properly close the region files when exiting a world. In order to know the file was closed 100%, the entire Minecraft instance has to be killed.

Updated scripts to handle new save format!


The scripts to drive a static Kinect image into a Minecraft save have been updated to handle the Region save format of Minecraft 1.3+.

Taking the snapshots from the Kinect

Processing the images into Minecraft (1.3+)

Required utility file for

Restoring the world to a previous state

The Python scripts (Under Construction)


Information about the scripts can currently be found on the Notes page. They are embedded in the old website. It will be moved here shortly!

Taking the snapshots from the Kinect

(pre 1.3)Processing the images into Minecraft

(pre 1.3)Restoring the world to a previous state

(pre 1.3)Windows automation to create animation

(pre 1.3)A way to lower a world so things can be bigger

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